Ray Greiche is the quintessential natural. With no formal training in musical composition or songwriting, at age nineteen he picked up his college roommate's guitar and began what was to become the driving force in his life, making music that moves people.

In the years before the formation of Redshell, Ray Greiche had been making a name for himself playing acoustic sets in and around New York City both solo as well as with a host of talented musicians. All the while, the gifted musician was creating a sound that infuses itself with the flavors of rock, soul and country.

"Those years in the bars, served as my main musical education. Those gigs were my school and my classroom," says Ray.

This sound was captured in his 7 original song debut CD "Everything's Fine" (2000). The extremely warm reception of the music by critics and fans alike encouraged Ray Greiche to form a full time band.

After his lead guitarist left to go on the road with the popular band Blues Traveler, Ray Greiche was introduced to J Edmund T, who in stark contrast to Ray Greiche is a multi-instrumentalist and performer since the age of five. Furthermore, J Edmund's musical foundation was grounded in classical theory and jazz composition. Next to Ray's earthy, self taught approach, J Edmund brought years of experience, talent and balance to their friendship and music.

Soon, it became apparent that more than a musical collaboration was at hand. Obviously a new band was well on its way to conception, Ray Greiche and J Edmund T decided to create Redshell. J Edmund T, using his strong experience, took over the reins of producing their debut CD in Brooklyn, NY.


While auditioning the other two members to round out the band, J Edmund T came across Berklee alum, bass player Ben Zwerin. Born in Paris, France, Zwerin's father, Mike Zwerin, is a famous trombonist who has performed with the likes of Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, and Maynard Fergusson, exposing Ben to many cultures of music since his early childhood; Jazz, Funk, Tango, Folk Rock and fusion.

Ben explains, "Playing with Ray is refreshing because his music really resonates with people. They seem to leave a show differently then when they arrived."

Finally it was Ben who brought the fourth member to the group, Patrick Carmichael, with whom he had been playing in many rocking rhythm sections throughout New York City. Patrick's musical experience covers a variety of atmospheres that include Broadway, recording sessions, NYC blues clubs, you name it. His musical tastes are even more eclectic, although his favorite thing to do is lay down a groove that makes people feel good. You can always catch Patrick smiling all the way through a show.

He says, "Ray's music always connects to an audience and I walk away from Redshell gigs extremely fulfilled. My motto has always been 'start simple and grow from there' ".

In 2005, J Edmund T amicably left Redshell to pursue alternate musical avenues. Guitar virtuoso Ernie Fortunato stepped in right away, and has been collaborating with the band on new material so well, you would have thought he had been there from the beginning.

Redshell gives all the guys a place to bring their own style and signature which has been on display at such legendary NYC venues as The Bitter End, Hammerstein Ballroom, and Joe's Pub. Their debut CD, an eponymously titled collaboration captures the subtleties, influences, and divergent personas that make up the essence of Redshell. You can catch them right now playing in and around NYC.