Rock and Read, January 2011
"rock wonder Ray Greiche ..."
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hMag, July 2010
Review of hMAG's Music Fest - Hoboken, July 2010
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Story about hMAG's Music Fest - Hoboken, July 2010
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Hoboken Patch, May 2010
Story about a Hoboken fundraiser featuring Ray - May 2010
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The Rambles Review, Nov 2004
"a concoction of rock beats softly mellowed with a touch of blues and polished to a romantic dark gloss."
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The Ny-Rock Street Beat Review, Dec 2003
"The music is...clean and rocks when it has to. You get a sense of honesty to the music."
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The Chorus and Verse CD Review, Oct 2003
The idea is, we want to be a full working band - we write, we record, we gig, we promote, we tour, it's all a part of what we do as a band. And now it's like, 'Who wants to come along for the ride?'
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The Chorus and Verse Interview, Nov 2002
"...I want to create this entity, this band, as some kind of force..."
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"Trying to Get to Know You Again is a folk rocker tht moves along at a nice clip, featuring solid slabs of electric guitar and a steady beat..."
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"The songs are honest, memorable and almost incessantly playable..."
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